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Ben Ten Pornography Story: Breeding Season CHAPTER Two

Ben Ten Pornography Story: Breeding Season CHAPTER Two

Authors Note: This is more of a lead in to the next chapter, not a lot happens here but it does move the story along; enjoy.

Breeding Season: Chapter 2 – Say it isn’t so.

At the shore of a large lake sat Young Gwen Tennyson, a logical but now frustrated girl of 11. She as of late had new feelings of wants and lusts; which had her completely confused and an emotional wreck.

Not so long ago her body had gone into sexual overload and she thought that if she got her cousin Ben to fuck her silly; then all would be right in her world again. However this was not the case, in fact… it was worse.

It wasn’t the fact that she had fucked her cousin; it was a fact that she enjoyed it…too much. The feelings that she had felt when Ben was inside her were indescribable. She had thought that if she had sex with him that the feelings of desire would dissipate. Now these feelings were more intense, she wanted so badly to do it again but the opportunity had not presented itself.

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