Ben Ten Pornography Story: Breeding Season CHAPTER Two

Ben Ten Pornography Story: Breeding Season CHAPTER Two

Authors Note: This is more of a lead in to the next chapter, not a lot happens here but it does move the story along; enjoy.

Breeding Season: Chapter 2 – Say it isn’t so.

At the shore of a large lake sat Young Gwen Tennyson, a logical but now frustrated girl of 11. She as of late had new feelings of wants and lusts; which had her completely confused and an emotional wreck.

Not so long ago her body had gone into sexual overload and she thought that if she got her cousin Ben to fuck her silly; then all would be right in her world again. However this was not the case, in fact… it was worse.

It wasn’t the fact that she had fucked her cousin; it was a fact that she enjoyed it…too much. The feelings that she had felt when Ben was inside her were indescribable. She had thought that if she had sex with him that the feelings of desire would dissipate. Now these feelings were more intense, she wanted so badly to do it again but the opportunity had not presented itself.

Being confined to the RV with her Grandpa did not really allow her all that much alone time. So all she could do was to lust after her cousin, which was driving her crazy. With all these feeling rambling about her body and mind she needed to find out if Ben felt the same.

The camp ground was quiet today and Grandpa Max had fell asleep in his lawn chair; it was a perfect time to talk to Ben. He was in the rust bucket playing Sumo Slammer on her laptop; she begrudgingly let him do it only because Grandpa Max said she had to share. With that in mind she backed up everything on the computer and set up a disaster recovery drive on it, just in case.

She sat down in front of Ben watching him closely, she observed that he didn’t even know she was there. His attention and mind were totally entranced by the game he was playing. Now she was stuck, how was she going to get his attention? For a moment she thought about it then she had it. She removed her top and bra and sat there topless.

It only took Ben a second to glance away from his game just to see what his geeky cousin was doing and from there he was lost. To his surprise she sat there naked, showing off her boobs…her round, soft mounds with taught and pointing nipples. “Gwen! What the heck are you doing?” He shouted.

“Ah…that got your attention.” She quickly began to put her bra back on all the while conversing, “We have to talk.”

“Couldn’t you have just tapped me on the shoulder?”

“Wouldn’t have worked, you know how you are when you get into that game.” Gwen said sarcastically.

“The game!” He turned his attention back to it and in the middle of the screen were the words “Game Over.” He put his hands to his head in distress, “Oh man I’m going to have to start that level all over again.” He pushed the laptop aside with disgust. “What do you want to talk about?” With his game ruined he thought he might as well listen to what she had to say.

“I want to know how you feel about me?” She said hoping to finally get an answer out of him.

“You asked me that before.” Ben said sighing as he leaned back in his chair. His cousin was now dressed again much to his disappointment, it would have been nice to just sit there and stare at her nice soft tits.

“Yes I did and you have completely ignored me.” Gwen crossed her arms awaiting her cousin’s reply.

“Yeah…well it’s awkward.” Ben said not looking at Gwen.

“Yes I know it is, how do you think I feel?” Gwen said raising her voice, “ I fuck my cousin for god’s sake and I loved every fucking minute of it! And to top it all I want to do it again!” She exclaimed.

Ben’s eyes opened wide and stared at his cousin, “You want to do it again?”

“Fuck yeah!” She was almost panting now, “Ben, I’m so horny now I’d lay you out on this table this instant if it wasn’t for Grandpa out there.” She pointed at him through the window.

“Holy shit and here I thought I was the only one.”

“You want it to?” Gwen said in a subtle question, thinking she really knew the answer.

“Oh heck yeah, I’m hard every night thinking of you and I doing it again. In fact most of my late night bathroom breaks are to jerk off thinking of you and…and.” He stopped short of finishing his sentence.

“And what?” Gwen said excitedly.

“That…uhm…” He didn’t want to confess a fantasy he had to her but he thought why not. “That swimsuit of yours, it’s hot…every time I dream of you, you’re in it rubbing yourself to orgasm.”

Gwen sat back and grinned, “Oh…hmmm you know I thought that might get your attention but I didn’t think you’d like it that much. Again it does feel pretty good on.” She smiled, “What colour is it, I mean in your dreams?”

Ben sat quietly there for a few moments, he wasn’t sure he wanted to tell Gwen all of his fantasy but with her staring at him he relented. “It’s red.” He said not really looking at her.

She smiled knowing what she had to do now, her only obstacle was Grandpa Max. It had been weeks since she had done the nasty with Ben. Her hope had been that she would have had time sooner but it was a lost cause, her Grandpa never seemed to leave them alone. “Red you say, I may have to try and help out there; if I can. Seems Grandpa is reluctant to let us out of his sight for any length of time.”

“Well we are due for a shopping trip, maybe if we gang up on him; we could get some alone time.”

“I doubt that but I think I can get him to stop in the next city. It’s only a few miles away; I need to get into your pants again and soon.”

“I’d like that too.” He grinned.

She smiled, “Ben I’d give you a blow job this instant but its too risky right now, if he…Grandpa finds out right now then we’ll be sent home for sure.” Gwen said seriously, “I don’t want to risk that we be apart that long and not get a chance again to fuck! Oh I am so wet, just thinking of your cock up my cunt is driving me insane.”

He could see Gwen really wanted to get it on, “I know, I just wish he could just leave us alone for a few hours.”

“An hour would do.” Gwen smiled. As she sat there staring at him she stuck her hand down her pants. Her fingers probed her sex, it was wet as it normally was now when she was around Ben. She inserted two fingers into herself as she had the past few days and gathered some her juices on them. She pulled her hand free and offered her fingers to him. “Lick them off.”

Ben saw the wetness on Gwen’s two fingers and knew exactly what he was in store for. The sweet nectar he had relished in only a few weeks ago. He leaned over and opened his mouth and began to gently suck on her fingers. Carefully rolling his tongue around them.
Gwen temperature rose about 3 degrees as began to pant. In the few moments that Bens mouth caressed her fingers she came in her pants. Ben tongue was doing too many marvelous things to her fingers. “Uhhh…oh.”

Ben saw Gwen shift in her seat uncontrollably and then stiffen. She let out a squeal of excitement, he stopped sucking and leaned back into his seat. “Gwen did you just have an…” He didn’t get to finish his sentence for Gwen finished it for him.

Gwen caught her breath, “Orgasm, Oh yeah and a good one.” She sighed, “Dammit all to hell, Ben I really got to fuck you.”

Ben smiled, crossing his arms. “I’d have to say that’s true, if just sucking on your fingers did that! I’d say you were pretty ripe.”

“Oh yeah, now I’m going to have to shower.” She had used up most of the RV’s supply of water just in the last week. “I’m going to have to explain all these showers to Grandpa.”

Ben thought about all of his trips as well, “Yeah I think I’ll have a talk with Grandpa about the birds and bees. That should take the heat off your showers.” He rose and said, “Take yours now I’ll go and talk to him.”

Gwen looked up at Ben, “Thanks.”

“No problem.”

“I mean the orgasm, I needed it badly.”

Ben really smiled then, “You are very welcome.” In an unlike Ben move he went over to her and kissed her on the cheek.

Gwen was speechless and rubbed her cheek with her hand. “Wow.” She said softly.

Ben poked his Grandpa awake, his eyes fluttered and came to life, “Ben?”

“Hey Grandpa, I…I… wonder if we might talk for a bit about…ah…men stuff.”
Grandpa Max sat up, “Men stuff huh…”

Ben sat, “It more about….well my equipment…if you know what I mean.”

Max thought for a second then he tuned into what his grandson meant. “Ah…I understand.” He smiled, “This conversation is usually a dad and son one, you understand.”

“Yeah but I kinda need some answers. Oh and I’ve been taking a lot of showers as of late.” He added hoping this would cover Gwen’s as well.

Max thought about it and thought that Ben should get the whole story. “I see, well…I wish I had some visuals to help…but anyway here’s what happens biologically.”

Ben listened to his Grandpa’s talk, it was interesting and he knew a lot about the subject of reproduction. Ben also asked how much he knew about women and what happened to them about this time of their lives as well.

Again Ben was impressed about what his Grandpa knew about women, he even went as far as to say what they liked…then kinda stopped suddenly for Ben was sure he realized he was talking to an 11 year old.

“Well that’s the gist of things Ben, sorry I got off track a bit there.” Max said rubbing his neck in somewhat embarrassment.

“No that’s ok.” He wondered if he should tell him…it would make things easier if he knew but he wasn’t sure how he was going to react. He thought maybe it might be better if he asked his dad. Moments later he had made his decision he was going to talk with his dad about Gwen. “Thanks for the info Grandpa.” He got up and hugged him, he really didn’t like lying but if things went well with his dad he was thinking he wouldn’t have to anymore.

Ben asked his Grandpa for the satellite phone and dialed home. Ben wasn’t sure if he would get his dad or not. It was a Saturday, he usually went golfing. He was surprised to hear him answer.

“Tennyson residence.” Ben’s dad said cheerfully.

“Hi dad.” Ben replied.

“Ben nice to hear from you, how are you?”

“Pretty good dad, uhm… dad are you some where private?

Ben’s Dad was now curious as to why his son wanted a private conversation. “Just one moment Ben I’ll go up to the bed room.” In a moment he spoke again, “There we have privacy.”

“Great thanks dad. Well…” This wasn’t going to be easy so he just more or less blurted it out. “I had sex with Gwen.” There was silence on the other end. “Uh…dad?”

“I’m here Ben…just trying to grasp the implications…ah…was this a mutual decision?” He feared the worst that Ben had some how forced his cousin into this; or even worse used one his alien creatures on her.

“Oh yeah!” Ben said with excitement, “We both wanted to do it.”

“Well that answers one big question, now for another was she or you using any form of protection?”

“Gwen said she hadn’t had her cycle yet so she was pretty sure that she was fine.”

“Ah…ok.” Ben’s dad knew that wasn’t all together true but it was all water under the bridge right now. “Ok…Ben I guess you need to know the basics.”

“Well Grandpa filled me in on how things work, what I wanna know what I can do to help Gwen get off.” He was now feeling comfortable in talking about Gwen to him.

Ben’s father was really shocked how his son was talking but still he thought Ben was his son and he had started young as well; not this young but still. “Is Gwen willing to do it again?” He thought this might just be a one time thing.

“Dad she’s super horny.” He grinned.

Just like his mother he thought, “Ben that maybe true but you have to make sure she is totally consenting to all this, you could get into a lot of trouble.”

“Dad she is, she wants it but it seems we need time but Grandpa is always here. I’m not sure if I should tell him what is going on.”

There was a big silence then he said, “I can tell Max if you want, if that would be any easier. At least if he knew what you were doing he could monitor what was going on. Probably allow you two some private time as well.” There was another pause, then Ben dad started talking again, “You know I’m going to have tell your mother about this Ben, if it happens and Gwen gets pregnant then…”

“Dad we’ll be careful.” Ben thoughts went to Gwen who he knew liked it a lot up the ass, no way she can get pregnant riding her backdoor.

“Ben I know you will but best laid plans do not always work out. We’ll …meaning your mother and I will deal with things as they happen. But she will have to know that you are sexually active.”

“All right dad.” Ben wasn’t exactly sure he liked the fact that his mother would know what he was doing with his cousin.

“So…ahem…how was Gwen?” He was curious because he had seen Bens cousin before and she was cute and sexy. Although his thoughts about her at the time were extremely erotic, there was no way her could act upon them. He knew the penalty and it was way too high. In a way he wished he wished he was Ben.

“Awesome dad, she loves it up the ass; howled for more and more.” Ben said excitedly.

“Most women don’t want to experiment in that area.” He said with some disappointment for his wife wouldn’t let him anywhere near that hole.

“Well I gave her no choice, plugged her good and she couldn’t get enough of me.”

“Hmmm that’s great Ben at least she was pleasured.”

“Yeah Dad.” Ben was quiet for a moment then asked, “Dad could I …erm well…marry Gwen?”

There was a pause, “Well you could, she is your second cousin which technically puts it out of the direct family. Don’t rush things kiddo, have your fun…worry about the future later. Now if you find Grandpa Max I’ll talk to him about…uhm your unique situation.”

Ben got up and started to move about hoping to find his Grandpa in a timely manner. To his favor he found him post haste, “Grandpa my Dad wants to talk with you.”

“Ah…ok Ben thanks.” Grandpa Max said as he took the phone.

Ben ran off knowing that he would be probably talking to him again soon.

Gwen and Ben sat in front of their Grandpa in an awkward silence. It wasn’t easy to just sit there so quietly. Gwen finally spoke up.

“Ok Grandpa, I know you don’t like what Ben and I have done but its over and done.” She took Bens hand in hers and gently squeezed.

Grandpa Max said nothing, for a moment then answered Gwen. “Oh that’s not it Gwen, it’s just that you have stirred something in me that hasn’t shown the light of day in a long long time. You see when I was young, I liked to see the …ahem…the young having fun so to speak. Now you two have told me what you are doing and well I’m at a loss of what to do now.”

Ben and Gwen looked at each other in disbelief, then turned back to their Grandpa and said simultaneously “You can watch if you want.”

End of Chapter 2

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