Ben Ten Pornography Story: Alone with you – Chapter Three

Ben Ten Pornography Story: Alone with you – Chapter Three

A/N: Sorry for the long update, everyone. Alien Force is still kinda repeating itself with the filler episodes and needless Gweviness, if I recall correctly, wasn’t the whole point of this show supposed to be about the younger generation of plumber’s kids? I mean come on, nothing about this show makes sense. Well, update time and enjoy the new chappie. :)

Alone with you

By Auumaan

Chapter Three

Sitting right by the trunk of the palm tree Ben looked at his cousin next to him with a somewhat questioning look.

What? You know how to get off the island? How? Ben asked as Gwen took another small bite out of the fruit and swallowed.

Simple: We gather and chop up a few trees so we can make a bonfire big enough to go out as a signal and let someone know we’re here. All we have to do is use my powers to chop and light them. Gwen explained looking at her cousin.

Ben nodded slowly still looking unsure about this plan. Great plan and all, but have you even checked if your powers worked? I mean the Omnitrix was pretty screwed up when the bomb exploded and yours could be too.

Gwen smirked. Well mine are all natural and not some alien tech. Meh. Gwen said sticking her tongue out playfully.

Rub that it in why don’t you? Well, let’s get started then? I hope this works… Ben said with uncertainty.

Gwen looked to her side with the same expression. ‘I hope so too, I haven’t checked if my powers are working yet…’

(Two hours later….)

Gwen stood in front of a wide assortment of the jungle’s palm trees and closed her eyes in concentration. While she did Ben half expected some purple glow show coming around her, but…

Nothing changed and she opened her eyes and concentrated much harder with a strained face. No sparks, no glowing eyes, and no energy being created around her.

No…. Gwen slumped to her knees with a small look of defeat, Ben walked up behind her to put a comforting hand on her right shoulder as he stood behind her.

Hey don’t worry okay, if your powers don’t work then at least you have that big brain of yours, right? Ben said encouragingly to her. She didn’t turn her head around but nodded without looking at him.

(Thunder crackling sounds)

Ben looked up when he heard the noise and noticed the sky was dark with rain clouds. It was going to rain soon and they needed to get back inside the cave where they bunkered for the time being.

Come on, Gwen. Let’s head back.. Ben said pulling her back up and they walked around back to the waterfall spot. As Gwen walked ahead Ben slowed his steps as he thought he heard something in the bushes nearby.

‘Huh?’ Ben stopped in mid-walk and Gwen didn’t notice as she continued to walk to the camp. ‘I guess it’s just the wind..’ He thought before hearing a sound he wished he hadn’t..


He froze on sight and slowly turned his head to the right and saw gazing yellow eyes stare back at him through a dark part of the bushes. Whatever the eyes belonged to stepped out into the open and revealed itself to be a fairly large black panther and it readied its body into a pouncing position.

‘I faced alien hordes and other freaks of nature without the Omnitrix working, but I always had some resource or weapon to pull out a win, but here I am in a jungle without something to fight with, not even a sharp rock and stick….in other words: crap…’ Ben thought as the panther jumped at him and tackled him making him stumble over the edge of a rocky hill.

The creature roared viciously as it and Ben were now falling off the rocky hill and into more depths of the jungle.

While in the air the vicious beast furiously slashed at Ben as they were falling, while in air Ben was able to avoid a few swipes but still get brutally scratched by the claws.

Aarrgghhh!! Ben struggled to hold it back by grabbing the forelegs of his claws but soon their mid-air suspension ended and they tumbled on steep land through unknown parts of the jungle.

As he skidded to a halt on flat land his head shot up and quickly looked around to see where the panther was in case it wanted more, unfortunately he spotted it.

(pant, pant) I need to…find something sharp…quick!! Ben’s body had a few gashes and cuts along his chest and leg area and he was bleeding, but he scrambled to search for a pointed object to use against the creature.

Ggggrrrr…. The panther was now prowling close to him as it just now spotted him and was beginning to close the distance. Come on….Come on.!! Ben searched frantically through the bushes and ground and came across something very hard and blunt on the floor.

The beast roared as it leaped up at him, but Ben smirked and brought out what his hands had found and swung it fast and hard.

-WHACK!!- The panther fell back from the impact, but quickly got back up and readied itself in another pouncing pose.

Bring it on, kitty kat! I have a very dense and pointy rock and I’m not afraid to use…it….? Ben trailed off when he looked at the rock and noticed it wasn’t a rock. A little Tortoise head popped up out of a corner of it and Ben blinked his eyes in stupor. A Turtle?! I’m gonna use a Turtle to beat down a Panther?!

The little thing stuck its legs out and tried to get away, but it was held in mid-air by Ben’s hands. The panther growled again and prepared to jump at him again.

Ben readied himself for pain but held the Rock/Turtle up for another strike.

Rrrroooaaarrrr!!! The panther leaped up again and Ben braced himself for a world of pain, but something unexpected happened right at that moment.

A purple blast of energy shot out of nowhere and rammed into the panther hard and fast. It was skidding across the ground and prepared to strike again, but more shots of violet energy was sent at the ground in front of it halting his movement.

Ben looked to where the blasts were coming from and saw Gwen, but not like he had ever seen her before. Her eyes and hands were glowing with energy like they usually do but this time it was more violent, and Ben saw the look on her eyes which told him: she was pissed.

She stomped forward and swiped her left hand to send another blast of energy in front of the beast, the panther was getting scared and kept hesitating to charge.

Stay away from him!! She yelled furiously as she aimed her hands at it to shoot more warning shots at the ground near it. The panther stopped growling and turned around to start fleeing the losing battle.

Ben couldn’t help but look in awe and amazement at his cousin. ‘Wow, since when did Gwen become such an awesome amazon babe?’

The energy died down and she returned to normal, she looked at her wounded cousin and ran towards him to embrace him and deep hug. It was clear she was worried sick about him when he was right behind her and then vanished, but the hug was very warming and comfortable and Ben didn’t want her to let go.

Uh Gwen? I am kinda covered in blood and scratches, so if you don’t want to ruin more of your clothing you might want to let go now. Ben said jokingly and she broke the hug then examined his wounds.

We need to get you patched up quickly or those will get infected, come on. Gwen took his right hand and led him out of the clearing back to the path to camp.

Gwen it’s awesome that you got powers back! You totally kicked its ass, but how did they return? Ben said enthusiastically.

I..don’t know actually, I was really worried when you vanished so I looked around frantically to find you, then I heard the noises down below. Next thing I saw you getting hurt, I got so worked up and I can’t explain how but they were wired and ready to go. Maybe the effect just wore off. Gwen explained.

Whatever the reason is, I’m glad they came back otherwise I would’ve been panther meat by now, at least we can go along with your idea now. Ben said.

She nodded and looked back at him with a smile. Yeah, but we’ll do that when it stops raining and when you get healed. They walked back to the familiar settings they were in before Ben was attacked.

‘Man I hate the jungle..’ Ben thought as continued walking.

Uh Ben? Gwen asked.

Yeah? What’s up?

Why are you holding a turtle? Gwen asked and Ben looked to his other hand where the turtle was still in his clutches and still trying to escape.

End of chapter Three.

A/N: To Cylonone: thanks for proofreading my materials, I already made the changes to the other chapters and they’re in the story now, I really appreciate it because not only am I a bad proofreader, but sometimes parts of the text get messed up when I upload them. Thanks again, pal.

To everyone else: thanks for reading the chapter and sorry for taking so long, next one will be up shortly. So please leave any reviews, comments, thoughts, and suggestions if ya have any. Later, taters.

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