Ben Ten Pornography Story: Ben & Gwen & Granddad

Ben Ten Pornography Story: Ben & Gwen & Granddad

It was a rainy and cold day, when Ben and Gwen were bored. They had no idea what to do. And Max was out buying some food.

After a few minutes, Gwen started reading spells from her book. The book fell from her hands by accedent, and she saw an old diary under the backseat.

Gwen: Ben!

Ben: Yeah?

– Look what I found.

– Something boring?

– Quit it doofus! Look, its our great grandpa’s diary.

– Well, what’s in it?

– I don’t know let me check.

As Gwen opens the first page, she sees alot of reading, Ben takes the diary and opens it, he sees cool sex pictures!

Ben: Now this, this, is cool!

Gwen: What is it?!

– Check it out!

– Wooww! What are they doing?

– Gwen… They are fucking!

– it looks interesting wanna try it out?

– Ohhh… That will be cool!

Ben thinks: Finally! She wants to do sex with me, I wanted to fuck her all my life! Ever since I met her! So, when do I get to lick her cute pussy?!

Gwen: You will get to lick it now!

Ben: Did I say that out loud?!

– Yeah… You always do that when you think remember? your brains cant think this is why you say it out loud!

– Whatever! Do we get to start…

– Sure!

Gwen started taking her shirt off, while Ben was waiting he can’t stand waiting for sex. Gwen took her panties off.

Ben started licking her pussy, again and she was taking it barely and yelling:

Ben!! That’s the best toung ever! Keep licking me!! LICK IT!!! I LOVE YOUU!!!

Ben: So, Blow me so good! I’d love a blowjob!

Ben’s dick was 8×4!! So it was huuge!!

But, she was still able to take it all into her mouth so deep ben started smiling more each second, she blowed him so good for 6:30 minutes!! Ben also started holding her head and getting his dick deeper into her mouth! Then, when his dick was fullfuly standing, Gwen asked ben:

Ben, I really wanted this for so long!

Ben: So did I!

– That’s really cool, but I wanna cum with you so FUCK my pussy so DAM HARD, that I won’t forget this moment ever!!

– You wont forget it! So Let’s do this!

Ben started getting his dick in and out gently, after 2 minutes, he went faster and faster each second, then harder, and got his dick in and out in and out of her pussy time after time, again and again and again!!! Until…

Gwen: Ben! I’m about to cum!!!!!!

Ben: Going FASTER!!!!!!

– Uhhh… Uhhhh!! UHHHH!! AHH!! I can’t take you ben, I’m cumming!!!!

Ben said: Oh my God! I’m about to cum too!!

– Cum Ben! Where you like!

– Even in your pussy?!

– Yes! Whereever you want!!

– I’m Cumming!!! SHITT!!!

And Ben came inside of her and she liked him even more!!

Gwen said:

Ben, I always wanna be your slut, always!!!

Ben and Gwen showered together when before their grandpa gets back in.

But after the shower…

Gwen: Ben, just one more round PLEASEE!!!

Ben: You got it!

– Alright!

They started to fuck again in the back of their car, when their grandpa came in and he heard Gwen’s voice: AHH!!! UHH!! Owwhaa!!

He hurried to see what’s up, and saw both of them fucking!

Gwen: Grandpa it’s not what it looks like!

Max: Yes, it is what it looks like, and I wanted to say, can I join?!


To Be ContinueDD!! :D Hope you enjoyed Part 1!

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