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Ben Ten Porno Story: Embracing you

Ben Ten Porno Story: Embracing you

The weather was scolding hot. His vision was blurred and his mind felt numb. He kept walking, not paying attention to the mirages his mind created. He didn’t pay them any attention until he tripped into an ice-cold pool of water. He surfaced and looked up at the sun and palm trees that towered over him. He felt ice cold hands strip away his cloths, leaving his body exposed to the water, sun and all others who might have existed at the spring.

Cold hands slid up his thighs, causing him to look down at the water. Bright green eyes looked up at him from an angels face, rust colored hair spread out in the water. The face rose from the water and two sensual arms slid around his neck, soft peach lips met his and naked legs slid around his waist. He lost himself in the sensation of her body.

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Ben Ten Pornography Story: Ben Ten and the Fresh Alien Chapter 13

Ben Ten Pornography Story: Ben Ten and the Fresh Alien Chapter 13

Chapter 13

“Old faithful strikes again,” Gwen Tennyson said with a wry grin as she looked up from the stick of her home pregnancy to look at her reflection in the mirror of the medicine cabinet. As she looked at the freckles that stood out on her pale face she wondered if she was referring to herself or Ben as old faithful. In the twelve years since she and Ben had started fucking she’d managed to get knocked up eight times – nine times she reminded herself as she set the telltale stick down on the counter and rinsed her mouth out with some water from the tap.

Of course she wasn’t the only one Ben kept knocking up. While most of the girls and women he fucked were content with one or two babies Ben still had his core harem of her, Jane, and Keesha, as well as his mother, her mother, and Keesha’s mother. With her eight children she was right in the center for Ben’s babies – right along with Keesha’s eight children. Of course Jane had both of them beat with her twelve children (including two sets of twins) but she and Ben had been married for eight years now so she had more opportunity to fuck him then anyone else. And then there was Keesha’s mother with nine of Ben’s babies and another one starting to swell her belly again. Finally there was her and Ben’s mothers with six children apiece, though it looked like Ben’s mother was finally going to beat out her mother since she was carrying twins this time and her mother was only carrying one baby in her distended belly.

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Charmcaster is going to be the best witch on this Halloween… at least in her surroundings

Ben 10 Nude Photos

Hentai Picture: Charmcaster is going to be the best witch on this Halloween… at least in her surroundings
Ben 10 hussies never miss a chance climbing out of her clothes and ingesting some puffy hocky between their hairy saddlebags! Curvy hooker from Ben 10 is shaking under hard pussy penetration inside current thread… Undoubtedly, wine, candies and a big cock in her head and beaver is all Charmcaster longs for…

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Uber-sexy Gwen like blow robocock

Ben 10 Porn Download

Hentai Picture: Uber-sexy Gwen like blow robocock
Internationally recognized Ben 10 characters in their glorious return with the new sex adventures in the post. Fuckable bitch spreads her hips getting filmed then screws her jugs and fresh cunt with a handy rubber dick… We are anxious to plug this big tit Ben 10 teen with a cute butt and a sexually eager slit!

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Ben 10 Porn Story: Wonders: Another BenXGwen novel Chapter 7

Ben 10 Porn Story: Wonders: Another BenXGwen novel Chapter 7

A/N: Surprised I got another one through by this month? XD Alright everyone, I’d better get things going again when the momentum’s there. Just hope those of you who’re still writing better help me make sure the fandom doesn’t just wither away, ‘kay? =)

Chapter 7: Orz. Period.

He knew he was in trouble.

No, not from Gwen this time (at least).

Still, bullet’s flying at your immediate direction doesn’t seem to be that much of a consolation, either.

Safely ducked behind some random car that conveniently served as a shield for the hail-fire of lead, Ben could only silently thank the owner of said car.

His insurance company’s gonna have a cow with this one…

Swearing profusely at the black-and-white device that now glowed red on his wrist, Ben only hoped that Gwen was faring out better. Continue reading

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Ben 10 Porn Story: NEW DISCOVERIES – 1

Ben 10 Porn Story: NEW DISCOVERIES – 1

Ben, Gwen and grandpa Max were chasing dr. Animo through the city. Animo was driving a truck, trying to escape after Ben defeated his army of mutant gorillas. Grandpa Max was eager to catch him and rammed the RV against to truck. After a few strikes, Animo’s truck began to spin and crashed into a couple of shops. The team jumped out of the RV and searched for Animo in the ruins of the shops. Sadly, Animo was nowhere to be found. Grandpa Max parked the RV and called the cops, telling Ben and Gwen to search for possible injured people in the rubble of the shops. The two split up and searched. Fortunately, no people were hurt but Ben and Gwen stayed in one particular shop. The shop was big and the two didn’t know they both were in the same shop. Ben looked around and saw strange pictures. Most of them were women with no clothes on, looking right in the lens, like they were seducing the boy. Ben had never heard of sex and didn’t knew what this was, which made him looking confused at the pictures. He walked a little further and could see some display cases. Looking closer, Ben saw some sort of toys in them. Some contained large rubber penises, others strange looking flashlights with an opening at the front, also made out of rubber. He could see the resembles of a penis and a girl’s vagina, but was questioning himself why someone would buy this. At the back, he saw a door with ‘XXX’ written on it. Curious as he was, Ben opened the door, closed it behind his back and turned the lights on. He saw a seat, projector screen and a pile of DVD-cases. On the cases there were also naked women. He wanted to know what the movies were about, so he sat down, pressed ‘play’ and turned off the lights. The movie started immediately with 2 girls kissing each other while being naked. Ben, as a 10 year-old kid he was, found this dirty and gross. But he kept looking and felt something in his pants. His penis was getting hard, making a bulge. Ben was a little worried and pulled of his pants to see what was happening. The boy sat there with a boner and was shocked. He looked at the screen and saw a man who also had a hard penis. Seeing this comforted him because he saw that he was not the only one with a hard penis. The man on the screen walked toward the girls and made them give a handjob. Ben didn’t know what was happening and kept watching. The man was enjoying it, which made Ben more curious. He looked at his little erected penis and put his hand around it. Softly pulling it up and down, he could feel something pleasurable. He saw the man on screen moaning as the girls were pulling faster. Ben followed and began jerking himself of like the girls were doing. He could feel something in his little balls but kept pulling. Then suddenly, Ben felt adrenaline rushing through his body and started cumming. He was startled that something white was coming out of his penis. But he kept shooting, feeling wonderful and kept pulling. After a few shots, he was sweating and tired. He released his penis and saw it shrinking to its ‘normal’ size. Ben looked at the white shots that landed on his stomach and touched it. He was wondering what it could be and saw the man on screen also shooting white stuff. Then another scene started where a guy was inserting his penis into a woman’s vagina. The woman moaned a little, and the guy started humping. Ben was fascinated and remembered the strange looking flashlights in the display cases. He could understand now what those things were for. He pulled up his pants, left the room and went to the displays. Ben opened some of them and took the toys, which were called ‘fleshlights’ or ‘pocket pussies’. He hid them in a box and looked a little longer, searching for more toys he could ‘play’ with. He took some condoms, lubricant, DVD’s, dildo’s and vibrators. These last two were for Gwen, as some sort of gift for her upcoming birthday. He hid the toys in the box and took it to the RV. Grandpa Max was outside testifying against the police so the RV was clear. Ben made sure nobody saw him and went to the RV. He got in, looked at his bed and placed the box under it, covered with a blanket. Then he realized that Gwen wasn’t back and went to get her. But not knowing where she was, he just walked around hoping to see her somewhere.

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