Ben Ten Pornography Story: Summers Starting Chapter Two

Ben Ten Pornography Story: Summers Starting Chapter Two

Yes, I’m so quick aren’t I? I’m happy I got so many reviews and in such a short amount of time as well. I really love you all :P Enjoy the next (sexy) chapter.

WARNING: This chapter (actually the story) is not for children. Unless you understand how babies are made and where they come from :) (don’t give me that stork crap, either XP)

Oh, just so I don’t get your hopes up, there is actually no sex (not in this chapter anyway ;P)

Ben couldnt help it. That comment had taken all fear of Max finding out about their relationship and chucked it aside. Even with him sitting right behind them, Ben still couldnt help himself and apparently didnt care. His body acted on instinct as he slammed his lips against Gwens.

Gwen was usually the responsible one, which is funny because she was now returning Bens kiss, allowing herself to fall back with him on top of her.

It took a long time and many kisses before they both had enough control to pull apart and sit up. Luck seemed to be on their side, as Max hadnt noticed what theyd been doing. Ben sucked in a deep breath and slumped back in his seat, loving the taste Gwen left in his mouth.

I think we should be more careful, Ben mumbled.

Yeah because Im the one who started the kiss, she breathed back. Ben looked at her and bit his lip. She looked stunning. Her hair was a mess, her cheeks were flushed and her eyes were half-lidded and filled with a hazy excitement. He wanted to kiss her again but thought better of it.

Shut up, he growled back, thumping her shoulder with his. Gwen lifted up her hands and shoved him back, hard enough to make him fall off his seat. Ben caught his grip and pushed himself into her.

Knock it off! Gwen smacked his arm and glared at him. Ben only smiled at her aggression and ran his hand through her hair, no longer able to fake his anger.

I love it when youre angry, Ben whispered, his hand gliding down her cheek. Gwen slapped his hand away before she had the urge to lean into it.

Ben, she said with warning, leaning back as he reached for her again. Sometimes I think youre just asking for it.

Asking for what exactly? he asked, running his fingers over her lips. A kiss? Definitely always wanting one, dont remember asking for one though.

Yeah because you just lose all control and help yourself. Ben pulled his hand back, a glare now replacing his smile.

Its not my fault. I cant help it that I cant keep away from you. I love you Gwen. Gwen raised an eyebrow, amusement written on her face.

Dont try that crap with me Benjamin. She pushed him away as he tried leaning forward to kiss her again. He seemed to give up too easily as she pushed him. Youre just trying to trick me into losing myself so you can annoy me about it.

What? How could you think that? Ben actually looked upset. He looked away, his hurt clear on his face. Gwen folded her arms over her chest and watched his pained face slowly turned amused. It worked, didnt it? he asked cheekily with a smirk. Gwen huffed and turned away from him, heat rising in her cheeks.

Its true. You want me, dont you Gwendolyn? Gwens rage heated up at the sound of his teasing voice. She turned and pushed him until he did fall off the seat.

Youre so annoying! She shouted, loud enough for Max to hear.

Honestly, can you two ever go a day without fighting? Max sighed. Ben and Gwen exchanged a glance.

Nope, they answered in unison.

Dont lose control like that again, Ben, Gwen hissed and then mumbled, and dont try dragging me down with you again either. Ben raised an eyebrow, sitting next to her again.

Whos the one who kissed me back on her own free will?

Whos the one who started it? The fighting began again, getting louder and louder. Before it grew worse, Max finally slammed his foot down on the brake.

Im sick of hearing the two of you fighting. If youre going to act like kids, Im going to treat you like kids. Max stood up and walked over to them. He pulled Gwens arms away from Bens neck and Bens hands off Gwens shirt. He dragged them both to the bathroom, opened the door and pushed them both in.

Stay in here and work it out. Ben looked up at Max, terror in his eyes.

You cant be serious! Dont leave me in here with…with…that! he shouted pushing Gwen away from him, even though he really loved how her body felt against his.

Work it out, Max ordered again, shutting the door. Ill be checking on you in five minutes and Ben, dont even think about going alien and sneaking out, he called. The RV started up again and when it did, Ben pulled Gwen back against him.

I couldnt think of a place Id rather be, he said with a smile. Gwen rolled her eyes and wrapped her arms around Bens neck, leaning her forehead against his.

I can, she teased, kissing away Bens smile.

(You know… I could end the chapter right now and leave you with yet another cliff-hanger :P… But two in a row is just unfair! So continue reading ;P)

Five Minutes Later.

The RV stopped again. Gwen pulled her hands out of Bens shirt and straightened it for him. She fixed her hair and straightened her own shirt up. They pushed against the wall, standing as far from each other as possible. Max opened the door.

Finally! Gwen cried, leaping out of the bathroom. Being stuck with that dweeb is just torture. I dont think hes even heard of a shower. Gwen stumbled back to her laptop.

I see you two didnt learn a thing, Max grumbled, heading back to the drivers seat. Ben shrugged and walked towards Gwen, seating himself next to her. He glanced at her with a funny look.

Do I really stink? He asked, poking Gwen to get her attention. Gwen looked at him and sighed.

No Ben, I was lying, you smell fine. She turned back to her laptop, ignoring Bens laughter.

After a few minutes, Gwen shifted uncomfortably. She nudged Ben. He looked at her and mouthed a what? She glared at him in response.

You loser, you unhooked my bra without me even noticing.

Magic hands, Ben gloated, wiggling his fingers. She knocked his hands out of the way and turned around.

Hook it back up, she demanded. Ben glanced at Max and reached out. Instead of doing what she said, he slipped his hands under her shirt and placed them on her stomach. She tensed under his warm touch. He traced around her stomach until his hands rested on her back. He slowly made his way up, loving the noises Gwen was making. He continued this until he finally reached his destination. He re-hooked her bra and pulled his hands out of her shirt.

Before she turned around, Ben pushed her hair aside and kissed the back of her neck, hands going back around her as she shivered.

Ben, get off me. Ill lose it as well if you dont stop. Ben, with great reluctance, pulled away from Gwen and pouted.

You know hes not looking, you just enjoy teasing me, Ben whined, folding his arms in annoyance. Gwen turned and placed a finger on his chin, turning his head to face her. She leant forward, lips almost touching his, breath blowing seductively over his face.

That I do. She turned back to her laptop just as Ben kissed the air.

Not too much of a cliff-hanger, right?

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