Ben Ten Pornography Story: Ben and Gwen

Ben Ten Pornography Story: Ben and Gwen

The story begins when Ben, Gwen and Grandpa Max were on the trip to country side.

They have to stop to take some break.evrything was fine until

“Dr. Animo escaped. Calling for backup to stop him. the message was broadcasted on the radio of Grandpa Max’s RV. It took not even a second for Ben to ask Grandpa Max to catch Dr. Animo.

Grandpa Max switched to the turbo mode .The RV went half way when it broke down.

You can transform to XLR8 Ben and catch-up Dr. Animo, said the grandpa.

With a pass of a second Ben transformed into XLR8. As he was about to leave Gwen called him from behind and insisted to take her with him also as she could help him by her magic. Grandpa Max nodded his head in approval.

Ok doofus . Hold me tight as this journey is going to be very fast. Ben said

Gwen climbed on the back of Ben and held her tight. Ben lowered his metal sheet on his face and started the journey.

Faster with the speed of wind Ben moved towards doctor animo. In the way Gwen held Ben so tightly that her tights were squeezed due the pressure between Bens back and her.
This feeling made Ben a bit excited and Gwen a bit shameful but both were more concerned about catching doctor animo. In short time Ben reached to the hide out of doctor animo.

You Tennyson this time I will not leave you. I will now take revenge of my last defeat the voice of animo filled whole of the surrounding but he was no where to be seen. Gwen took a glance at the surrounding and observed C.C.T cameras in the place through which their each and every action was visible to doctor animo.

Hey Ben listen, we are being watched by doc. Animo every time through the cameras Gwen said

Huh! Ben responded in XLR8 voice.
Very good you little kinky girl. You impressed me. You have a sharp eye and a sharp mind but you both are now trapped in my trap.

Huh! What the hell he meant that we are trapped Ben asked.

Before both of them could understand an object having lights glowing was shot from a machine by doc. Animo. The substance was nothing else but a helmet, a mind control helmet which landed on the top of their heads.

Now you both are my slaves for rest of your life doc animo laughed from his control centre from where he was observing both of them. Since he was observing both from C.C.T cameras he noticed a bulge between the legs of Ben. This bulge was due the excitement he faced during the way to animo.

Ha.ha.ha. it seems someone is horny out here. You both will now entertain me. I being your master order you to start a fuck session. doctor animos voice again filled the atmosphere.

What are you nuts we are just of ten years and moreover she is my cousin Ben said angrily.
Yeah he is right. And how could you think that we will obey your orders. Gwen said supporting Ben.Hhhhhhhhhh .. You idiot dufus what are you doing Gwen shouted to Ben as she felt the hands of XLR8 pressing his tits.
The red light flashed and Ben transformed back into human child from an alien adult.

I dont know what is happening to me. I cant control my body. It seems this due to this
Weird helmet en exclaimed to Gwen.

Heyyy.. Whats happening to me? Gwen shouted as she herself started squeeze her tits.

Now you both know that you are under my control doc. Animo said you better entertain me yourself or I have to use other methods

I wouldnt obey your orders Ben shouted but he felt that something was growing in his pants. It was growing due to the excitement caused by squeezing Gwens tits. This site was not be hidden from Gwen. A moment later they felt a bit odd. Doc. Animo has sent a lust wave to their body through their helmet. Both Ben and Gwen were now under lust.

Now Gwen took the first step she lowered the pants of Ben and was amazed to see an 8 inch piece of flesh which was standing like an iron rod. As she used to spend her most of the time on the internet so she has seen a large number of adult movies but had never gathered enough courage to practice it. She took the iron monster in her hand and started playing with it. Ben moaned in pleasure, oh yeah Gwen, take it in your mouth.

It seems that Gwen was just waiting to hear this that she put the mouth of the prick/cock on her lips started to lick her. Now Ben moaned even more louder due to high wave of pleasure which was now traveling in her body you know sis that from how much time I have been thinking of you like this but never got enough courage to speak it to you

Same here Ben, Gwen said while sucking the Bens cock. While Gwen was sucking Bens cock, Ben started rubbing her pussy through her light blue coloured jeans. Now the whole atmosphere was filled with the moaning made by Ben and Gwen.

Now Ben lifted the Gwen up and slowly removed her top. Since Gwen was of 10 only so she didnt wore any bra and gradually removed her jeans and then her panty/boxer shorts
While Ben was busy removing clothes from Gwen, Gwen removed the clothes of Ben.

Now they both were nude in front of each other same as they have seen each other in their dreams. Due to high excitement both of them cant stop themselves. Both started kissing each other. They gave each other a French kiss, German kiss and many more. While both were kissing each other Ben played with the tits and pussy of Gwen and Gwen
Played with the cock of Gwen.
This whole scene was being watched by doc. Animo who was an impudent as he has shot his load of cum thrice only by this scene.

Both Ben and Gwen now laid on the ground in the 69 position. Ben was licking the delicious pussy of Gwen was Gwen was giving a blow job to the flesh monster Ben had.
Both were feeling as if they were in heaven. In short duration only Gwen became completely wet. She asked Ben to kindly fuck her. Ben without any negative statement readily accepted to fuck her. Ben asked her to lie on the ground and lifted her legs apart.
He found that there was no public hair on Gwens pussy. As he brought his dick closer to Gwen, she asked him to go slow as she was a virgin yet. Ben admitted. Now he touched the head of his erect prick on the mouth of wet pussy of Gwen. He pushed at first and the cocks head went inside Gwens pussy and in result Gwen moaned loudly then Ben again applied force but something prevented him to completely insert his dick

This was nothing else but the hemyx of Gwen.
This can hurt you a little sis Ben said to Gwen.
I doesnt matter Gwen responded
With a great force he broke the hemyx of Gwen and Gwen shouted as loudly as there is a roar of a lion in a jungle. Ben kissed her and stopped her from shouting and asked for sorry. Gwen said that it was ok. Now seeing the pain of Gwen Ben didnt move further.
After 5 min. Gwen asked Ben to carry on this time Ben with his complete fore inserted the dick in Gwens bleeding pussy and in one blow his more than half dick was in. in another jerk it went completely in. now Gwen was ok and was enjoying.

For first five minutes Ben fucked Gwen at slow speed and side by side he sucks her nipples which by now have become rock hard. After 5 minutes he gradually increased his speed.
He continued to fuck Gwen and Gwen encouraged her by asking him to fuck hard and by making sexy sounds. After 30 minutes Ben felt that he was not now able to control his load anymore so he asked Gwen if he should take it out but Gwen denied and asked him that she wanted it deep inside her pussy. Now with complete force Ben exploded his hot load of cum deep into his cousins pussy. Both were exhausted and Ben laid on top of Gwen. They have seen that dick size decreases after releasing sperm but it didnt happened to Ben. His dick size remained same.
Why my dick is not getting shorter? Ben asked Gwen

Your dick will not grow shorter without my permission so you better go on fuckingdoc.
Animo said from his room via speakers.

Both Ben and Gwen were amazed but they didnt have any other option rather than to fuck due to the cast of lust. But be4 beginning he asked how many orgasms you had to which Gwen replied 12 . Ben was shocked.

They went for another four fucking sessions in various positions and each one longer than before. Now both were extremely tired and Gwen thought that this could be her end. After the 4 sessions, Animo had under gone 120 loads of cum out of which one fall on his mind control machine and it got broke down. Now Ben and Gwen felt like normal. They knew that they are now free from Animos control. Gathering some energy he transformed into ghost freak as it can pass through the walls which would help a lot in catching Animo. Soon he found animo and defeated him. Later grandpa max also got there with police force and arrested Animo. Till that time both Ben and Gwen had worn their clothes and Gwen has cleaned cum and blood from her body. Grandpa asked Ben as if everything was all right to which he said yes but grandpa made out that something wrong had happened. He asked Ben and Gwen to sit in RV. Before leaving the place he saw the recording of CCT cameras was still on he reversed it and got whole story what happened but remained quite.

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