Xxx Ben 10 And Gwen

Xxx Ben 10 And Gwen

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Ben 10 Cartoon Hentai

Ben 10 Cartoon Hentai

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Ben Ten Ailen Force Hentai

Ben Ten Ailen Force Hentai

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Gwendilin Tennison Form Ben 10 Porn And Sex

Gwendilin Tennison Form Ben 10 Porn And Sex

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Ben Ten Ailen Force Hentai

Ben Ten Ailen Force Hentai

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Truth or Dare Alien Force Style Chapter 1

Hey everyone! It’s me again! This just kinda came to me randomly that day when I was reading Twilight fanfics. There are a MILLION Twilight humor fanfics, but NO Ben 10 fanfics (not that I know of). So im going to write this. It’s probably going to be a small story (5 chaps or so) while my other story (called Unknown) is going to be long. But this is just for humor. So enjoy! BTW, my pairings are Gwevin and Benlie. I really don’t care about Ben, but I am COMPLETELY obsessed in Gwevin. It is so OBVIOUS!! I wouldn’t even watch this show if Gwevin wasn’t in it. There so CUTE together! This story is going to be about a truth or dare game. The gang (mostly gwen and julie) convince everybodys parents to let Gwen, Kevin, Ben, and Julie have a sleepover! After getting really bored, Ben suggests Truth or Dare!!! LOL

Gwen POV

Finally! Our parents are letting me, Kevin, Ben, and Julie SLEEPOVER at KEVIN’S House!!! I am so excited!! Me and Julie have been planning this for months. Kevin should be here to pick me and Julie up from my house, and then we will pick Ben up. Yes! He’s here now! I ran down the stairs with Julie, grabbing my bags. The door flew open. “Ready?” Kevin smirked. I nodded. As I was about to go outside, my parents stopped us. No way. Not a lecture!

“Now Kids, I expect you to be responsible. I would have normally let Julie and Gwen sleepover by themselves without supervision, but they are both girls. I trust you to be responsible and not do anything that would ruin Gwen’s career,” Natalie (Gwen’s mom) said, looking directly at Kevin at the last part. Kevin smirked. “Yes ma’am” he said innocently. “Now be good and have fun!” my mom yelled. “Not too much fun” Frank said, glaring at Kevin. Kevin snickered. “Don’t be too sure,” he muttered.

Later…P.S. they are in Kev’s house now, deciding on a movie

Kevin POV

“Hey, what movie should we watch,” I asked. “Twilight!” Gwen and Julie both screeched. No way. We are NOT watching that stupid girly movie. “No,” I growled. Ben shuffled through my DVD’s. “Let’s watch Drag me to hell,” [A/N I watched that movie. SOOO NOT scary! It was so lame!! But most people found it scary, so I thought I should use it. I was thinking for the sleepover movie to be Exorcist(that one is not scary either) but the gang didn’t seem that type of people] Pshh, that movie isn’t even scary. But anything is better that Twilight. “K,” I agreed grudgingly. “No way!” Julie exclaimed. “Yea! I heard it was bad,” Gwen added unconvincingly. “Yea? I bet you’re just scared. Chicken!” I yelled. “Fine, I’ll watch it.” Gwen agreed nervously. Julie looked shocked. “It’s ok”, Ben whispered. Ben and Julie both sat on the couch taking up all the space. That left the loveseat (A single seat kind of thing) for me and Gwen. “Oooohh” Ben giggled. I glared and put the movie in. Most of the movie I zoned out, hugging Gwen when she grabbed at my arm or screamed. Some of the time I stared at Gwen. Alright, the whole time. The closing credits started. “Gwen, the movie is over,” I whispered. She was still sitting in my lap, clutching me tightly, and squeezing her eyes shut. Not that I minded, but it would save her embarrasment. Julie was the same way with Ben. Ewwww…….

Gwen POV

I opened my eyes. “I’m gonna have nightmares forever,” I groaned. Kevin tapped me lightly on my shoulder. I screamed, and almost fell out of the seat. I blushed. (Thats how my friend acted for WEEKS after watching that movie! It was hilarious! Well, it was her fault for agreeing to the movie. Sorry if you are reading this, I couldn’t help saying this, PV (her initials). You know who you are. Lol)

“Lets do something else!” Ben suggested. “What?” Julie yawned.

1 hour later, after having no ideas (It is Midnight)

“I GOT IT!!!” Ben screeched. I jumped awake. I must have been dozing off. “Truth or Dare,” he asked Kevin, a glint in his eyes. “Ok, DARE,” Kevin said. I gulped. I did not like that look in Ben’s eyes.

Ben smirked. “Fine Kevin, I dare you too…”

REVIEW, giving me your idea for the dare.

Hey! I have a funny idea for the dare, but I want to hear your ideas first. I bet I will use ALL of them! They are going to be playing all night. Now, any dare is ok. Funny! I need atleast 5 SUGGESTIONS for the dare to continue. Or I won’t. Thanks,


P.S. REVIEW and tell me YOUR DARE!!!!!

And don’t tell me that Ben should dare Kevin to kiss Gwen, that is NOT original! Or ask her out for that matter.





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Ben 10 Porn Xxx

Ben 10 Porn Xxx

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Ben 10 Comic Porn

Ben 10 Comic Porn

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The Other Girl Chapter 1

Warning: I do not own any of these characters (except for Serena, of course), so none of this really happens.

The Other Girl

Kevin tapped the wheel impatiently. What took those two so long? Right on cue, Gwen opened the door and slid into the front seat beside him and Ben to the back.

What exactly did you spend half an hour doing? You were supposed to get a smoothie! he barked at Ben. Geez, sorry. I didnt know we had a time limit! Ben yelled. Besides, they have a new smoothie flavor. Lime and honey. Its actually better than it sounds. He slurped the greenish-yellow slime.

How can eat that? Its disgusting!

Ben, Im with Gwen on this one. The Mr. Smoothie is getting seriously insane with the new flavors. Kevin argued.

Oh, come on! Youre just taking her side because you like her!

SHUT THE HELL UP! Kevin was yelling now, and Gwen was trying to calm him down. Other cars sped by, unaware of the chaos going on inside the car. Kevin began to swerve around on the road. The automobiles honked and drivers yelled threats and swears. Kevins anger rose higher and higher.

All the sudden, he swerved off the freeway and onto a back road. The tires splashed through the muddy puddles as the car bounded along. The headlights burned brightly in the dark forest that had formed around them. All the sudden, the trio of friends saw something dark hit the windshield. Kevin stopped the car, and the three quickly emerged from the car. They approached the dark shadow, and gasped at what they saw.

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Ben10 Gay Porn

Ben10 Gay Porn

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Ben 10 Porn Pictures

Ben 10 Porn Pictures

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Ben 10 Hentai Films

Ben 10 Hentai Films

The breezy taking all of her clothes off and shagging her squishing puss with a crimson faux-cock! Well-known world characters are here again with the fresh fuck-fest adventures in the entry… Let’s get inspired by a breezy from world that is getting smashed right on the floor after she’d been doing her shopping a brief while ago.

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Hentai Ben 10 Palcomix

Hentai Ben 10 Palcomix

Dreamy stunner having joy inbetween the blankets losing her outfit, practicing blow-job on a faux-cock and sextoying! Steaming enjoy-testicle tonic-wetting lump of calico of display is showcasing her abilities in assriding on cosmic high-standing weenie to commence with and then being squashed with the same rotator while lounging on her back! Another youthfull ultra-cutie from universe has some fine rack to display us and she cannot possibly miss any penetrate-well-prepped weenie…

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The Other Girl Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Whats up, Red? A skinny blond haired boy stopped his bike in front of the Tennyson house. His brown eyes glittered excitedly.

Shut up, Justin. Gwen snapped. She yanked the door of the mailbox open and grabbed the contents inside, crinkling some envelopes into a ball. On one she saw her parents names. Oh, well, she thought, theyll deal with it.

Feisty, are we? Justin reached into his satchel and grabbed a newspaper. He handed it to Gwen, who ripped it from his hands.

Just woke up on the wrong side of the bed, I guess. Gwen lied, trying to look indifferent.

Really? he drawled, Because I heard that you got in a pretty big fight with that criminal kid- whats his name? John? Rick?

Its Kevin. Gwen strained to hide the pang of anxiety she felt then. It happened whenever she mentioned his name. This was the first time shed said it in days.

Well dont expect me to remember. I dont watch Americas Most Wanted. Typical Justin.

Shut up, Justin. Gwen said for the second time, anger shaking her voice.

You know theres a rumor floating around about him and that new girl. People are talking, Gwen. Talking bout him and her going out. Like boyfriend and girlfriend-wise. Justin put a hand beside his mouth, meaning that the information he said was supposed to be secret.

Well good for them. Gwen muttered.

I dont get what he sees in that girl. I mean really, its like hes not even himself anymore. Just walks around with this blank stare. Justin sighed.


Its weird, I mean, I barely even knew him and I can see the difference. You sure youre okay? I mean, the way you always talked about him, Justin held up a hand on his heart and batted his eyelashes, His perfect hair, his perfect eyes, how funny he is, how irresistible he is.

JUSTIN! Gwen screamed and raised a fist.

And how youd cave my face in if I ever told him that. Justin held up a defensive arm until Gwen cooled down enough to lower her fist.

Anyway, I gotta get to the grocery store, run some errands. Later. The boy waved as he pedaled away. Gwen waved back, even though he didnt see. It didnt matter; nothing mattered anymore.

Kevin wasnt around anymore. Not even Ben saw him. It was a wonder Justin got a glimpse. Serena was as annoyingly pure as ever, but never left his side.

There was something new about Serena now almost every day. Monday, it was the green contacts. Tuesday, it was the new shoes. Wednesday, the new outfits. Today was Friday, more than a week later. Who knew what tricks she had up her sleeves today?

Ben lay on his bed, staring at the ceiling. Things were so boring today!

He rolled onto his stomach, just to change things up a little. His room seemed stuffy, too cramped. Maybe a nice run would help, he thought. Or a fly. A fly as Jetray! Or Big Chill!

The teen rolled into a sitting position and sighed. Where were all the DNAliens when he needed them?

Ben! I need you to run an errand for me! Sandra called from downstairs. Ben groaned, knowing that this was probably going to be the highlight of his day.

What is it? He jumped down the stairs. Sandra was in the kitchen, setting the table for dinner.

She continued to place the silverware and plates, and said, I need you to mail a letter. Its for your Uncle Jeff in Florida.

Ben smiled. Uncle Jeff had always been one of his favorite relatives. He loved to go to the big house down by the beach with his younger cousins. And he always did mail the best Christmas presents.

He took the white envelope from his mother and ran out the door. He didnt really want to call Kevin for a ride. Kevin and him had been slowly drifting apart as friends. But even that was better than what happened between him and Gwen.

Not only had they made that huge yelling match, they stopped talking to each other. They wouldnt be within fifty yards of each other. They wouldnt even say the other persons name.

The post office was just around the corner now. One of the best things about Bellwood was how closely packed everything was. He ran to the door and opened it, the bells ringing in his ears.

The man behind the counter took the letter without a word. Ben noticed the new stamps. These ones had clowns on them. He shuddered, remembering that horrible day at the circus. Clowns…

Ben turned to leave, but stopped. He stared at the billboard near the door. Normally, the billboard would be filled with town news and missing pet reports. Thats what was there today too.

But that wasnt what caught Bens eye. Right beside the missing pets section, there was an addition to the missing childrens reports. It was a girl.

The girl was named Tiffany. She had long black hair, shiny in the flash of the camera. Her eyes were bright blue. She wore a baby blue T-shirt in the photo. Just like Serenas.

Looks like Serena’s got some explaining to do! Well, this takes care of another story update. Be back soon! ;3

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Ben & Gwen & Grandpa Part 3

Part 3 has arrived! I hope you enjoy! :DD

Memorizing you from part 2:

“Ben says scary but hot sex words and Max tells Ben to do it”

Ben: Grandpa, I’ll do it but, I’m hungry right now

Gwen: Me too Grandpa!

Grandpa: Ben! You’re hungry? lick her pussy and eat! You’re hungry? Eat my dick Gwen!

Ben&Gwen: Alright! But not now, we are seriesly hungry…

Max buys some pizza they are full, they go to bed.

Max wakes up next morning and sees Ben licking Gwen’s pussy, he joins as well!!!

Max starts punishing her ass and it got red but Gwen sure is enjoying

Gwen: Come on Grandpa! You too Ben! GUUUUYSSSS!!!!! IM ABOUT TO CUM!!

And so Gwen cums and Ben gets wet!

Ben: Nice cum Gwen, This is my favorate sport! Sex with Gwen! It’s Hero time!!!!

Gwen: WHaaat?!!

Max: That’s what Ben meant with his sex words yesterday!

Gwen: Oh SHIT!

Gwen Saw four-arms with x2 bigger dick than the old one that she used to get fucked with!

Ben started fucking her with alien after alien

She said for each:

Four Arms: Sooo BIIG!

Diamond head: So HARD

Plant thing: Too MANY DICKSS!!!

Heat Blast: SO HOTT!!!!!

Wild Thing (Sorry I don’t remember their names too well): So WIILDDD!!!

She was taking it too hard untill!!:


They came each one after another.

Ben and Gwen Fucked everyday, then, things turn out that Ben & Gwen get married.

The End!

I Hope you enjoyed and Thanks for reading! Rate&Comment!

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